Two Life-Altering Lies

Two Life- Altering Lies

How they did it

For as long as I can remember I have always questioned religion. I specifically remember an instance in which I was sitting at my grandparents table going over theory and practice of the Christian religion when I was told that if someone did not believe in the Christian God, they would in fact be going to hell. I intuitively knew within my heart and my mind this simply cannot be. My friend, who is buddhist, cannot possibly be going to hell. He’s one of my best friends, he’s the kindest boy I know, and it just simply can’t be. I asked my grandfather for clarification so that I could rectify this falsehood within my being but of course no answer could suffice. God speaks to everyone, even those in the dessert, so they have the opportunity to hear God and if they don’t then that is their decision. They will then go to hell.

Can you imagine?

And yes, I already know the answer. You can. Because you, like I, have imagined, wondered, and pondered this very thought for longer than you can remember. It’s utterly disheartening how ass backwards these teachings have gotten the entirety of our society. They have turned us against ourselves. What a brilliant trick. To be clear this is not about any particular religion, or any group that has caused discrimination, exclusion, tyranny, or even mass murder. They were only acting as they knew how to depending on the vibration they were at and the information they received and accepted as truth. This is speaking to the larger problem here- us continuing to allow the grand mistruth of our reality to be perpetuated and replayed incessantly.

We have been made to believe we are evil from the beginning. We have been made to deserve we do not deserve all good things. If we might obtain them we surely have to work until our knuckles bleed or our hearts have been ripped to shreds. Then and then maybe, are we deserving of what lies at the end of the tunnel.

Bullshit, I say. We deserve all good things. All good things and more. That is our very right. Our right as the original Creator as well as the NOW Creator of our own lives.

“Two of the most notorious, outrageous, flagrant lies that became accepted ideas are the notions that there is sin and one must repent.” We add here that it was, in fact, these two misgivings that begot and provoked all of the fear that is present within your world today.” -All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson. The Sapiential Discourses Book 2- A Spiritual Revolution.

This is then how FEAR came to be. We humans, looked up with revery at these people in positions that we had placed our trust. We listened to their lies, we accepted them as our truth, and the entirety of our being went into shock. We intuitively knew the mistruths that were being given to us but we could not override them. All sort of imbalances were created, then continuously compacted upon, leading us to extreme insecurity and low self worth. The reality is that we intuitively know how far off mark we are when we believe these truths and therefore all sorts of breakdowns come to be within the individual then in turn with the entirety of societies, our planet, and then a ripple is sent out upon all of existence.

Guilt. Shame. Low Self-Esteem. Self Doubt. Spiritual Confusion. These have plagued us for far too long. It is time to take back our power. To remember that we have never committed a sin. We have never done anything wrong. We simply cannot. There is no right and no wrong. Who would our God be if God were to judge us? The God that judges, in fact judges Self which is inherently impossible and illogical. All that is caused is continued separation from truth, separation from our reality altogether.

Women of course have been the largest portion or piece subjected to this breakdown of Self-Worth but it is rampant across all cultures, all countries, all skin colors, all sexual identities, etc. WE MUST REMEMBER- We are ALL PERFECT. We are all BEAUTIFUL. We have never been wrong. We have never committed sin. We have nothing to feel guilt or shame about. Again, it simply cannot be. Allow these words to sink in. Remember your interconnectedness to all things. Fore, it is time. It is time to walk through this doorway to spiritual truth and our assimilation of past, present, and future into one golden moment of the now. Let us do this together, it is time to remember that which you are! Perfectly Divine Creator. Loved more than you could possibly know