Spiritual Warfare Part 3

To be stated when using to clear the home (crystals, persons, anything) with sage claim/state the following out loud:

“In the name of All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be, I use this sage to clear this room.” At the conclusion of the saging, state, out loud, “In the name of All There Is, Was, and Every Shall Be, this house is cleared of all lower vibrations that are in and around it in any other measure other than that which is naturally assigned by the universe. So, it is uttered. So, it is done.”

After this- it is cleared. Know it is done. The next step is to set up the crystal grid. This is one clear crystal quartz cluster (cathedral) in each of the four corners of the home and one in the middle. They need not be large. One might also consider other crystals/stones to place around the home for protection. Think- black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite, or any other protective stones. Ask the stone where it would like to be placed using a pendulum, dowsing rods, or your body’s polarity pendulum. Once the grid is set it must be extended out at a minimum of 50 feet in every direction to account for your energetic fields and protection thereof. This is done by going to each exterior wall and stating out loud,

“In the name of All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be, I am sending out the protective grid (number of feet) from this wall. So, it is uttered. So, it is done.”

One last thing, in your daily or nightly prayer time with US, it would be a good idea and very effective to state out loud the following or something close to it. “In the name of All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be, Source God, I send away all lower vibrations that are in and around my home in any measure other than that which is naturally assigned by the universe, away from every crack and cervices of my home, all the possessions in it, and the land that it sits on. So, it is uttered. So, it is done.” In the prayer, if you wish, you can include yourself, loved ones, pets, vehicles, or whatever else you may desire. As a warrior, it is important to protect where you live.

Whenever you feel intuitively guided to do so you may go to whatever location on earth you think needs your assistance or simply set your intention to send your energy there and use these words

“In the name of All There is, Was, and Ever Shall Be, I send out (light, love, healing or whatever) to ____________. I do this to assist the Earth in healing and protecting herself.”

Here is the list of animals that are in fact endangered despite what any of our others who are considered experts upon our earth might say. You can and should send your energy of healing light and love to them when you feel so inclined. You can also pray to angels of the highest vibration to assist in their healing.

➢ Albacore Tuna ➢ Amazon River Dolphin ➢ Amur Leopard ➢ Amur Tiger ➢ Arctic Fox ➢ Arctic Wolf ➢ Asian Elephant ➢ Beluga ➢ Bengal Tiger ➢ Bigeye Tuna ➢ Black-footed Ferret ➢ Black Rhino ➢ Black Spider Monkey ➢ Blue Whale ➢ Bluefin Tuna ➢ Bonobo ➢ Borneo Pygmy Elephant ➢ Bornean Orangutan ➢ Bowhead Whale ➢ Brown Bear ➢ Chimpanzee ➢ Common Bottlenose Dolphin ➢ Cross River Gorilla ➢ Dolphins and Porpoises ➢ Dugong ➢ Eastern Lowland Gorilla ➢ Fin Whale ➢ Forest Elephant ➢ Galapagos Penguin ➢ Ganges River Dolphin ➢ Giant Panda ➢ Giant Tortoise ➢ Gorilla ➢ Gray Whale➢ Great White Shark ➢ Greater One-Horned Rhino ➢ Greater Sage-Grouse ➢ Green Turtle ➢ Hawksbill Turtle ➢ Hector’s Dolphin ➢ Hippopotamus ➢ Humphead Wrasse ➢ Indian Elephant ➢ Indochinese Tiger ➢ Indus River Dolphin ➢ Irrawaddy Dolphin ➢ Jaguar ➢ Javan Rhino ➢ Leatherback Sea Turtle ➢ Logger Head Sea Turtle ➢ Macaw ➢ Malaysian Tiger ➢ Marine Iguana ➢ Monarch Butterfly ➢ Mountain Gorilla ➢ Mountain Plover ➢ Narwhal ➢ North Atlantic Right Whale ➢ Olive Ridley Turtle ➢ Pacific Salmon ➢ Pangolin ➢ Penguin ➢ Plains Bison ➢ Poison Dart Frog ➢ Polar Bear ➢ Pronghorn ➢ Red Panda ➢ Rhino ➢ Saola ➢ Savanna Elephant ➢ Snow Leopard ➢ Sea Lion ➢ Sea Turtle ➢ Seals ➢ Sei Whale ➢ Shark➢ Skipjack Tuna ➢ Sloth ➢ Snow Leopard ➢ South China Tiger ➢ Southern Rockhopper Penguin ➢ Sri Lankan Elephant ➢ Sumatran Elephant ➢ Sumatran Orangutan ➢ Sumatran Rhino ➢ Sumatran Tiger ➢ Swift Fox ➢ Tiger ➢ Tree Kangaroo ➢ Tuna ➢ Vaquita ➢ Western Lowland Gorilla ➢ Whale ➢ Whale Shark ➢ White Rhino ➢ Yangtze Finless Porpoise ➢ Yellow Fin Tuna

These are the plants that it would be advisable for us to pray for areas to be designated for their planting because due to the current warming of our planet and other practices they are facing issues of scarcity.

Erysimum teretifolium

Arenaria poludicola

Brodiaea filifolia

Caulanthus Californicus

Halophila johnsonii

Dalea foliosa

Kokia Cookei

Snowy lady’s slippers

Oxypolis canbyi

Aconitum noveboracense

Tetraneuris herbacea

Arabis Macdonaldia

Running buffalo clover

Cercocarpus traskiae

Cladonia perforate

Eryngium cuneifolium

Gardenia brighamii

Lessingia germanorum

Holocarpha macradenia

Potentilla hickmanii

Amsinckia grandflora

Arctostoplylos pallida

Helenium virgincum

Cypripedium candidum

Cirsium fontinales

Helianthus parodoxus

Euphorbia herbatii

Abutilon menziesii

Betula uber

Pentachaeta lyoni

Chorizanthe orcuttiana

Small Whorled pogonia

Platanthera Leucophaea

Platanthera praeclara

Amaranthus pumilus

Isoetes melanospora


Lindera Melissifolia

Spiraea virginiana

Ptilimnium nodosum

Echinacea laevigata

Sarracenia oveophila

Clarkia franciscana

Asclepias meodii

Torreya taxifola

Acanthomintha ilicfolia

Delphinium bakeri

Asking for assistance from the high angelic during meditation.

“Give me the answers that I need for the questions that I have asked. Ensure that they are only for my highest good and the highest good of others. I wait!”

You WILL receive your answers but remember not to take this so literally often times our being accepts truths without the mental being completely privy to the entire picture.

For further understanding and guidance during the sleeping process.

“While I am asleep I call upon the angels of the highest vibrations to come unto me and provide me with guidance. I am open to you.”