Missing the Point

It is not by happenstance that today we come together in an act of solidarity like has not been seen for some time. Unfortunately we are further perpetuating the cycle of coming together in tragedy rather than coming together united in truth. It is no coincidence also that we have chosen to completely black out and sign off so the words of those who have been the recipients of unjust and outright horrific treatment for countless years. Like the countless of others across this continent that come in all colors all races all genders and all creeds that are being treated not like humans at all but something less. This has been going on for as long as any of us in human form now have been here and for thousands of years prior to that. Interesting then that when truth shall be shared we become silent. When light is what is needed to cast out the darkness we turn to dark. Darkness is simply the absence of truth because the truth of our existence on this planet and all universes everywhere is we are all made up of a combination of light and the frequency we understand to be love. This is not some philosophical projection of hope but rather fact based in science as we understand science to be for of course science and spirituality/ science and God are one in the same. This void and black screen is far more symbolic than any skin color it is a clear projection and perpetuation of the cycle of nothingness that we find ourselves in. We only show up in moments of adversity and joint together in mutual hate and disgust but what about standing together without catastrophe in moments of solidarity in love and universal knowledge and truth that ALL humans are victims of experience as we understand it to because we have been asleep and without the truth for longer than care to think about. There have been moments of great consciousness on this planet where the affects of such can still be seen in certain monuments and natural wonders around the world and thankfully the ripples of this consciousness are still with us today but it is time for us to wake up. Open our eyes and remember we are much much more than our skin color sure but even our bodies are just a holographic perception that we understand and believe to be real. Do the research, ask the questions, STOP focusing on what is wrong because as we have seen this awareness only brings about an extremely slow revolution that we simply don’t have time for anymore. Enough of injustice for all. Enough of people on this planet starving and children dying everywhere/every day from diseases and NO ONE CARES. How can we possibly think ourselves carriers of justice when we have turned a blind eye to what might be called and considered a civil war contained within a community that occurs every day on the south and west sides of Chicago. DO THE RESEARCH. ASK THE REAL QUESTIONS. What we think is being “woke” now is missing the point entirely and we must go one step further than all those that are proposing we ask the questions and do our research. Do we want to still seek out a version of truth shaded in grey or will finally be ready to really take action and look for the light of truth. We cannot continue to have access to all of this knowledge but quickly turn back to the same cycles of attempting to fix what is broken entirely. We must alter reality if we have any hopes of seeing the change that is needed on this planet. We can all attest to the fact and further law of our universe that what you resist persists for sure, we have spent a great deal focusing on manifestation to bring “abundance” into our lives. What about using these laws and facts of our universe to bring about equality. THAT is abundance that I would love to see. For the collective not the individual. We must consciously create or “manifest” this new 5th dimensional reality. DO THE RESEARCH. LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND ASK YOURSELF WHO ARE YOU REALLY? Are you your skin? Are you different than your other and if you answer yes to either question I am here to tell you that the time has come for you to remember the truth of that which you are. No longer shall we hold ourselves down in darkness and devoid of truth when we have the capability to see and spread the light, the truth, that all are ONE! Only when we look past our own plights or those that serve our agenda because again we are only perceiving the world from what is going on inside us and our PERCEPTION of self which is just a construct of the mind and then through our identity of self we relate to the external environment. You can say that those who are white do not understand what it feels like to be black and you would be correct and more than likely those who have forgotten who they are are having an emotional reaction to what is happening based on their inherit guilt passed down in their DNA because of the things their ancestors have caused to be for other skin colors. Those who have remembered who they are and that they are connected to everything and everyone ABSOLUTELY feel what is going on because their spirit is in utter and entire pain over what they see but it doesn’t end there. It has been in such deep pain for so long which is what is causing some of us to wake up faster than others. We simply cant take the atrocities that have existed around us each and every day so our being has caused us to open our eyes to the truth of existence so we may spread the truth and work towards real solution not further blame and separation. If you find yourself telling anyone they should be quiet today you are missing the point. If you have come to accept and believe that you should be quiet you are missing the point. What must be shared today is the truth and that can only be done through shedding light on what humans really are. The bigger picture. It is time humanity for us to WAKE UP. DO the RESEARCH. GOOGLE. ASK the QUESTIONS. Open your eyes to the truth that is right in front of your face and youll wonder how you evaded this truth for so long. The truth shall set you free but are you ready for the truth? If not then that is completely understandable but you can not claim ignorance any longer and you cannot choose to see one fragmented perspective of truth because those days are gone. Those who are ready to see and spread the truth now is the time for you to fill this void with love and light and remind people who and what we are.

This square of darkness and silence is much louder than we think but not in the way we think. Look into symbols that were found in some of the highest consciousness civilizations to ever colonize our world such as Lemuria or MU. They took their symbols that spoke of equality and universality and held a vibration of interdimensional truth and had some of us convinced that we could use it to further our platform of division. I am talking her about the swastika and Hitler. Do the research. There were many at that time that thought themselves to be on the right side of history because they actually had ideals based in truth but truth from the very limited and dangerous I might add perspective through the lens of self. Just as we can easily identify now that those who are actually instigating and perpetuating these riots are not the ones who are from these neighborhoods, this much we can see. It does not stop there. There are forces who have been using humanity against humanity to keep us in a cycle of stagnation and detached from and in utter abandonment of self for thousands of years. We now need to stop viewing the world through the lens of separation for if we continue we will cause our species to eradicate itself. Of course this will not come to be because we do have a voice now through platforms such as social media and are able to truncate hysteria spread by the media but we must do our due diligence and now is the time and we are ready. Again do the research and as we can see societies in past have also come to annihilation of self because they did not accept universal truths such as all are equal. ALL. NOT SOME. ALL. Let Americans get off their high horses for we are examples for the rest of the world. To Whom much is given much is required we who find ourselves in this country have advantage even if we think that we do not. We are privileged beyond comparison to the rest of the world but here we sit on our own plights thinking ourselves to be the victim forgetting the masses who are suffering by our definition in all space and places on the face of our Earth. If you find the narrative in your head going to any resistance with this notion know you are no different than those who find cause and justice at the inequality on our own streets. We must stop only coming together in moments of darkness and hatred to hold hands standing in fear. IT stops now and we stand up, open our eyes and our hearts and hold hands in love, light, and truth.

Sunset Sphere