Meditation is an extremely overdramatized practice that is exceedingly undervalued. Mediation requires the simple qualities of silence and stillness. In fact, all spiritual matters are simple and meditation the most simplistic yet life-altering of all. Meditation requires nothing and provides everything. The guidelines for one to begin their meditative practice is as follows: sit still, eyes open, be quiet. No music, no movement, pure presence. There is a great misconception that we must reach a certain state or be absent and devoid of thought however due to our human state it is impossible to be absent completely of thought. Many have refrained from this inherent right and most natural practice due to the worry or fear of not being able to do it right. Put plainly you are meditation. The very nature behind sitting still and being in the presence of Source, stillness, is where you came from and what you return to. In fact, you are simultaneously existing there concurrently to your physical manifestation now- but that’s for another day 😉. The real goal of meditation is blending with the interconnectedness of all things and connecting to your truth, your inner voice. Learning to identify with your inner voice when many other inputs and interferences are present. In this place and space you will be able to access the infinite silence of all wisdom and experience, the truth of your heart and soul, true and pure conscious and unconscious awareness, your guiding light home. All shadows shall and will be brought to light eventually, all light beams shown, magnified, and perfected. Through this simple, albeit imperative practice you gain the answers you have sought, the heeling all portions of your being need and desire, and the motivation and inspiration to seek out and fulfill your sllouls reason and purpose. No pressure or anything 😅. But seriously, that’s just it. There is no pressure, no judgement, no prerequisite and no structure. Where else can you go as a human to receive such unobstructed truth by simply being that which you are, all. Inconceivable transcendence of thought and beliefs, patterns and behaviors, unveiling and restructuring of mistruths and the entirety of ones being past, present, and future.

The key to meditation is consistency. The key to all things upon planet Earth is consistency. Due to the karmic nature of our planet for one to keep momentum as Creator, consistency in spiritual practice and raising of one’s vibration must be adhered to. There have been many techniques given to humanity in which one may practice mediation. It is of a high vibration for each and every person to seek out and investigate these practices and see what resonates with them. It would probably be of the highest good for one to attempt to practice a few differing methods to see what best suits their person. Also, keep in mind that as the spiritual seeker, things are constantly changing and evolving. Your spiritual practice, advancement, and accelerative growth will inevitably go through ebbs and flows to allow for the human aspect to stay grounded. Remember, all things have reason and purpose. Therefore, it is a good idea as we understand that term to be to consider periodically changing our meditative practices. From my experience there are times where you are having a particularly hard time staying grounded and this is when you need to dig in to the metaphorical and literal Earth under your feet. These times it would be advisable to limit your mediation to the 10 minute, eye open practice each day. Reason for this being that balance must be had through the entirety of the being and all four portions (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) for consistency and expansion to be maintained.

Some benefits one achieves during meditation are that it assists you in becoming more in synchronized with our own plane and world and if desired, other places and spaces beyond our Earth. It also allows for you to become more in tune with Source, or All There Is, Was and Ever Shall Be which is the total encompassment of all experience before and after separation or divide from self. While in mediation you can Intertwine with nature and connect with another person without touching them physically. When you are in mediation Source can and does act as a Magnetosphere around you, infusing energy and reinforcing faith in self and humanity. Spectrum of light energy can be obtained and other strobe lights of the universe will become more apparent.

For an excerpt from The Sapiential Discourses Book 1 from Source through Elliott Eli Jackson, “Once one of you has gotten into structured meditation, the false notions and thoughts of the disconnectedness from others can disappear. And this is good, for once again, the notion of being disconnected is a falsehood anyway. After meditation, a smooth transition back into your day should happen. This is one of the needed results of mediation. Further, mediation should bring about a warbling in your spirit in regard to leave and love. These overtures of joys can be a result of meditation and are what your soul desires, believe us.”

In my next entry I’ll discuss some of the things I have experienced in mediation and some techniques and practices I have unconverted and would recommend.

Love and light ❤️☀️