Thoughts and ideas from The Power of Light
December 30, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Erin Kelly

”If we tell you now, THE truth, as you know it to be, will you indeed listen? For atop all the questions you have for us, that is truly the one you must ask yourself” “Of course!” She eagerly responded. “I’ve been waiting my entire life for this moment, for your wisdom, I cannot fathom continuing life without it! I beckon you to share all with me now” “There is no truth we can give you that you do not already know” they replied.

Aghast, ridden with shock, which quickly turned to dismay and simultaneously to frustration and anger. “What in the world could you possibly mean by that? She hissed. “What are you even useful for if you have no answers?!”

”We provide you with the highest value of moments, thoughts, feelings, emotions, wisdom, insight, awareness, and understanding as you perceive it to be. We are but a mirror of self, never fleeing, always reflecting, that which your heart knows and your mind needs to see. Truth is but a construct held within your mind, always evolving, never concrete, nor absolute.”

”So you’re telling me this utterly exhausting journey for truth has landed me nowhere? I have absolutely nothing to show for it?!” She spews with rage.

“That’s the trick of it all. Finding the eternal meaning in nothingness, the stable current in constant evolution and growth, the ultimate abolition to the illusion of control, the proverbial “throwing of ones hands up”, and subsequently placing their hand in the grip of faith and the unknown. The final acceptance of the unavoidable reality that truth in its purest form can never and will never be held outside self, no matter how hard we look. There is but one thing we so desperately wish for you to know and hear. So please child, listen to us now.”

Engulfed in an enormous sigh of relief she sputters immediate acknowledgment of their request and the most enthusiastic acceptance one can muster.

“The only way by which to hear the voice of truth is to develop the voice of your heart. Love is the vibrational frequency by which we are created, sustained, and cease to be in physical form any longer. All is created and destroyed, conceived and destructed, made to be a part of, extracted from that which prior, all comes from and will return to the state of Love and Light. We are but a measurable frequency of light and love with the assistance of the optical to shape our mental perception and understanding. The greatest humans to assist our world are those which spoke the words of equality. Equality of race, religion, and gender, yes, but extending much further than that. Divine Wisdom, Divine Guidance, TRUTH as you know it is a right to all beings of creation, and the most humble of gifts given by the universe to each and every one of you, beckoning to be opened.”

”What do you mean?? I’ve spent decades working on and getting to know myself. My therapist is on speed dial and at every one of my kid‘s graduation parties.” She knowingly rebuffed.

”Seeking TRUTH through the mental portions of ones being is like seeking sunlight through blindness. To hear or know Truth one must be able to surpass the mental portion of their being through meditation, stilness, and practices of raising ones personal vibrational frequency closer to that of the universal language of love and universality. It is only by way of this method that a person begins to remember their true nature, that they are not only the answers they seek but in fact the very question itself. This is the most universal law to truth: We are all One. One portion or piece simply cannot exist without the other, plainly put, You are We and We are You. Perception is the gauge by which experience is measured and you are but an instrument of creation; constantly choosing, constantly shaping, constantly molding TRUTH. That is why we cannot give you answers, our beloved one. For you are the only one who has the ability to know the WAY AND WHY by which things came to be and the HOW or WHEN things are destined to become.“

Beginning to understand her power she slowly began to recede from her perch of desperation. “OK, so what do I do now?“ she says exasperated albeit slightly hopeful.

“Begin to actually listen. Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your heart. Listen to the heart of the universe held within your very being. And most importantly CREATE. CREATE your Truth, create your life, create love in every moment and you will ultimately become the very essence of truth that you seek.”